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About camel's saddle and private photo-sessions

Written by:Irene
Published on October 9th, 2014 @ 05:46:00 am , using 398 words
About camel's saddle and private photo-sessions

Just recalled one episode... well. From a career of a model.

Once upon a time a guy requested a private photo-session. Well, he was soooo upset with a model he choose that instead of a budget of 1,500 Euro asked by an agency, he offered 15 grands - from start. Never mind he never had a camera in his hands before - he was ready to pay for a photographer too! And he did! And it was lovely... sooooo lovely... With a camel saddle as a background (model had to take her poses on that saddle, and masturbate on it intensively!)

Ah, I forgot to mention: of course, the guy was an Arab, and - yes, he did fuck her too - afterward, as a perk - for an additional couple of hundreds. Photographer guarded the door and was very jealous - for he wanted to be fucked by that Arab too - and very badly! No luck - The Arab was a heterosexual.... That model wasn't FORCED to do anything she didn't want to - first, money were good, and second - very exciting experience she got indeed.

Besides... just theoretically... what so bad in such an extreme experience - if that model (I WILL NOT GIVE-UP HER NAME - NO MATTER WHAT!!!) REALLY did enjoy that herself, and that was exactly what she wanted, and she was very well paid for it, and nobody forced her to do it? The only one who suffered - was a photographer - but who cares about that one poor fag?

If the model is happy (because of an extreme, unusual character of an experience being fucked really hard by a suave Arab, lying face-down across that saddle, still smelling all those sands, and camel's sweat - and well-paid for such a pleasure and privilege) - who cares? It's her free will... With regards to the fag-the-pimp. Of course, he WAS NOT a pimp - the agency was. He was just a poor victim of the situation - when HE wanted to be fucked too - and was not... That's the comedy of life in its sincerity and fullness...

Bottom line: there is no other business like the show-business

I am just wondering - what happened to that particular session... there were stills for sure - and a clip... clip was shot by a fixed camera (because a photographer was biting his nails on the other side of the door)... Perhaps, still - it is a pearl of someone's private collection - don't you think?

Location: New York, United States


Comment from: charlestenglish  

That was hilarious. Did you leave with any souvenirs ?

10/09/14 @ 17:07
Comment from: aaronfolch  

I will love to see the picture set ;)

10/09/14 @ 17:47
Comment from: vkngprnce  

very amusing… who was the model? i’m glad she got her justice :) :) :)

10/09/14 @ 22:28
Comment from: Irene  

No, it wasn’t me. One model - former friend of mine. She quit the industry more or less recently, and I have no idea - will she be back or not.

And - no. Usually, there is no way to obtain any photos from private sessions - it’s a rule of the game.

10/10/14 @ 05:37

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