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Friday: Guy-the-traveler

Written by:Irene
Published on November 4th, 2015 @ 05:15:00 pm , using 378 words
Posted in Guy the invincible

So, be it known that Guy is a great traveler, globe-trotter, and so on. And he does love to travel even more than he loves women (maybe)!

Once upon a time... (and that happened Friday to be precise!) he flew to Copenhagen. Just to see the Mermaid - or to buy some genetically-engineered weed - who knows but Guy himself! So... He landed in Kastrup - but his way was not there exactly (hahaha! Certainly, I tricked you!) - he rented a car, and drove down the E20 - over the largest, and one of the most charming bridge in all Europe (well, maybe his REAL goal was just to drive over the bridge between Denmark and Sweden?!). Anyway - almost immediately after crossing that bridge he realized that ran out of smoke. Alltogether. No weed, no tobacco - nothing - can you imagine?! Yeah, that was hard!

And Guy stopped at the very first Swedish gas-station, and he bought a can of yellow Lilliput cigarillos (and this is NOT a product-placement, thank you very much!!!!). Beautiful bright and sunny day (Tuesday - as we all remember!), and he is driving a powerful car (full of hidden... high-quality genetically engineered shit - and did you really believe our Guy may just travel all over the Europe, and doing nothing?! Do not you ever think so about my hero!) - and road crossing the most wonderful landscape in the Northern Europe, Land of Vikings and Fjords... Not so far from the Polar Circle - by the way - no more than 50 kilometers...

Guy lit his first cigarillo... WOW! Almost immediately, just after the very first inhale... Ta-da! On the right side of the road... Over there!!! THREE OSTRICHES. Yes-yes-yes! Those Australian Emu. So-called Camel-birds. In 50 (fifty!) kilometers from the Polar Circle.

Well... What would YOU think? Exactly! Guy's first thought was: "THEY put something - but most certainly, very well genetically-engineered, in my cigarillos also..." He hit his brakes with all his power, cut the engine, and stepped out.

YES. There WERE a couple of Ostriches. The real Big Birds. It was a year when mad-cow disease tortured poor cows all over Europe - so, the clever Swedes bought certain eggs in Australia. Placed them into incubators, and breed the ostriches - on the farms built everywhere - just to satisfy Vikings' appetite for RED MEAT.

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