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Guy – as an ultimate Figaro: Monday

Written by:Irene
Published on October 26th, 2015 @ 03:26:00 pm , using 576 words
Posted in Guy the invincible

When he was much younger, Guy worked as a driver for a wealthy British gentleman - who bought an old home, not so far from Barcelona.

That gentleman used to be a Civil Servant so to speak - and spent his entire life on Her Majesty Service, working in Foreign Office, and living far away - in Korea, Japan, China... etc. So, when he retired - he bought that estate, full of orange trees, old home, and so on - very romantic. The trick was - British gentleman did not speak a word in Spanish. Korean, Mandarin, even Japanese - yes, sure. BUT! Not a word in Spanish... What a pity... So, Guy was not only his driver - but also his guide, and a great help, and even a companion of a sort. Well... NOT what some may think about British gentlemen - thank-you-very-much!

Anyway! One sunny day - it happened to be Monday, to be precise - Guy picked up a mail at the post-office - as he usually did, and brought it to his boss. Among other envelopes, newspapers and magazines, there was a huge official package - full of everything Spaniards like so much: wax seals, golden cuts, and so on. Of course, text was printed in Spanish (thanks God, not in CATALUNA!). Boss called his lawyer from Barcelona, and asked Guy to pick-up him at his office, and to drive this very knowledgeable advocate to the place where Boss lived.

Guy obeyed the order (but of course!) - and soon enough all three of them took their places at the dining table (remember - our Guy was not only a driver - but also a confidante to an old British Gentleman!). So, after food, port and some cigars, Advocate placed on his nose a pair of glasses in golden frame, and in a total silence read that official letter. After moment of silence, he said - with a great respect:

"Congratulation, Signore! Local authorities - municipality to be precise - decided to include you as a member of a Ruling Council (or somehow else it was called, Guy didn't remember exactly)! It's a great honor, they did it because they think you are a very well-respected land-owner, and so on... so for... "

"BUT I cannot say a WORD in Spanish!!!"
"Doesn't matter, Signore! You will sit there, sip some coffee, smoke a cigar, smile to everybody... Just do not forget ask ... Guy to shine your Rolls-Royce in time for driving you there - and everything will be just fine!"

So, be it. And British Gentleman started his not-so-simple task of ... governing this local municipality. He even bought a special cap for Guy to wear - together with white gloves it looked just amazing!
And after couple of months... another package of the same quality, bearing even more wax-seals, arrived. Well... The drill was the same: advocate-dinner-port-cigars...

"Congratulations!" - said lawyer with even more respect "They inform you that ... well... you know, in our country we fight corruption... "
"Well... Mayor of the city got arrested - and so were... Treasurer, Comptroller... and - to make things short - all others, BUT YOU. Now... Congratulations one more time: They wrote that you are an acting Mayor of this city... Good luck with your new official post, Sir!"

And with those words lawyer left, leaving behind the British Gentleman (totally upset) and Guy (absolutely excited). That's how our hero became a Civil Servant as well - just because he drove a Mayor... But - not for a long time... Why? That will be explained in our next episode!

Location: New York, United States

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