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Guy – the pets' best friend: Saturday

Written by:Irene
Published on November 5th, 2015 @ 02:35:00 pm , using 561 words
Posted in Guy the invincible

Well, who wants to hear – will. For those who want not – I do not care much. When Guy only started his career as a great porn-movie director he felt so lonely that one of his models bought him a hamster. At that time all the shoots were scheduled to happen not so far from Zürich, in Switzerland. So, a hamster Guy got was so lovely creature (and lively creature it was all-right) that the team decided to make it a mascot for an entire production company (not much of it existed then and there – but... still – why not?).

And guess what? Right in the middle of a session, when the best porn-model of all the times and tribes, one Ms. L, was already hog-tied; and Guy had just to put a piece of a black duct-tape over her always-smiling mouth – and start to please her with a broom-stick... Suddenly there came a loud and insistent knock at the door.

Have to admit – everybody at the set got pretty much scared: because the set looked like … well, porn-movie set must exactly look like. And that knock at the door sounded exactly like the police would knock! Besides – neither Guy, nor his entire team had any work permission to handle a job in Switzerland – can you imagine then HOW scared they all were?! (inimitable Ms. L not only lost her eternal smile – but also... well... silence! About the stars – only the best and pleasant things have to be said, or nothing at all.)

Guy walked to the door, and with a smile of a walking dead unbolted it. Yes, it was an official. From the canton. But – nothing to do with any immigration issues, oh! Not at all! They couldn't care less about the set either! The person in the door was... an animal rights' protection officer. In charge of this paricular city-block. And Guy was promptly told that “... according to the Swiss law, he cannot keep a hamster alone – for this hamster may get a psychological trauma because of a loneliness.... And the only way to handle such a delicate and fragile individual as the hamster might be to buy him a girlfriend. RIGHT NOW!”

Well... Dura lex – sed lex. (As those ancient Romans use to say. Means: obey the law - you, son-of-a-bitch – or else!). They cut the session short – and even forgot to free Ms. L from her so sweet of a captivity. Guy ran to the nearest pet-shop, and bought a girlfriend for Mr. Hamster.

You think, that was it?! Do not be so naive, dude! A week passed... And those Mr. and Mrs. Hamster... well, already got another generation. And another one... and... one more... and MORE!!! Finally – after a couple of months there were more than a thousand hamsters in that studio... Now Guy realized... that THIS is it. And let them all... go. Since that time a house where the studio was (once upon a time) stands... empty. Well, not exactly empty! It is the biggest hamsters' habitat – HAMSTERS' EDEN - on the continent of Europe!!! And Guy with his company? They moved. To Barcelona (Ms. L followed. She dropped BDSM alltogether – it was one hell of an experience, you know – to lie down hog-tied and to wait for a hamster's girlfriend to arrive!). Over there, in Spain the laws protecting animals and pets are not so... harsh...

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