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Sunday: the day of the social networking

Written by:Irene
Published on November 6th, 2015 @ 12:35:00 pm , using 478 words
Posted in Guy the invincible

Guy hated facebook. Well, to tell the truth he did hate every last of the social networks. Why so? First – he enjoys life, in all its enjoyable pleasures and lovely moments. The real life, of course, was much more enjoyable than the virtual one for him. Second? He's got no time for such a mess. But from time to time... Okay, he reposted some twitters all-right – those his actors did. Or, rather to say – those messages the PR department felt the best to proliferate – to advertise the new session, or a set, or... Whatever.

And he enjoyed small talks – here and there. Once... Right - once he even met a girl online he started to like – until she disappeared... with no traces. Perhaps, she realized – he wasn't for real? Or – she needed something more than just short one-liners in return to her long and sentimental letters? Who knows... Bottom line: she ran away from him, leaving her facebook account unattended. But that is another story. Sad enough to be told here not.

Another story... He found a post on a friendly forum. Just this one:

“I am lovely, communicable and charming girl. Would like to marry a boy who makes no less than $500K a year.” Photo seemed to be pretty nice.

Guy checked his bank statement and … well. Okay. Far away. And well-out-of-range he's got. Still – he was intrigued... He smiled, and - here is what he answered:

“I've read your post with a great interest. However. Here is how I see the picture: your offer from my point of view looks like a very weak deal. Frankly speaking – a bad one. That's why. Shortly speaking, you offer your beauty in exchange for my money. Wonderful.
“But your charm will disappear with years and my capital will only multiply. Of course, a probability of my money multiplying can be questioned too – but it's for sure: you will not get prettier – right?
“Economically speaking you are a falling active – and I? I am a raising active. And your value will go down faster and faster – in ten years from now no one will even pay attention to you. To purchase you (this is what you are asking for) – is a bad business though. To tell you the truth, I'd better rent you.
“If you think my words are harsh – don't you think you'll drop me even faster if my money would disappear. So, frankly speaking, when you'll get ugly, I'll get rid of such an active – right? It's simple like one-two-three. Therefore – I would consider dating (and fucking) you – not marrying.
“Hope I helped you. Yes, and if you'll consider a conditions for a rent – do not hesitate to let me know, OK?”

He smiled to his shadowy reflection in a foggy mirror of the monitor, and pushed the button. And his comment to that girl's post had been sent.

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