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Written by:Irene
Published on October 21st, 2014 @ 01:53:00 am , using 711 words

Privacy? What privacy are you talking about?! And - whose responsibility would be to guard real identity of the models working for an adult industry? One of my friends told me a story how she tried to take a course in college. During her second week she was approached by another student, and asked for... Well. For sex. That was the first - but certainly not the last approach. Soon enough she realized how it is to be famous - in a way. She dropped out - after four weeks. You may say - she's got no nerves? Let me assure you: NO! She does have a stomach, and her stamina is strong enough to survive. But - every stamina and every determination does have a limit. So, she - quit. And continued her successful career as a star. A porn-model.

Of course, producers and agencies through which the models are booked do everything possible and impossible to shield the real identity of the girls with whom they work. But... small details on a screen, word or two dropped by a model herself during an old interview. And, of course, her unique face. Recognizable no less than that of any movie-star.

To get out of this business completely? To stop shooting? To quit a successful career - in order to be with the man you fall in love with? Well... but even after several years there still will be old sessions released and re-released all over the internet. How about waking up in the middle of the night next to your lover, fiancee, husband - and seeing his eyes. And suddenly feeling pain - hidden deep in his beloved eyes... And how about your kids - if and when they will be born?

You may say here I am just a small bourgeois, locked inside a cage of a false moral. Maybe I am - but this is the world we all live in. Just admit - you, the man from the street, Mr. Average-next-door-neighbor: YES! You will gladly sleep with me. Have the most fantastic sex of your life (well, this part I personally doubt). But... to marry me? To marry a girl, whose private parts are exposed all over the internet? Who got paid ... to have sex with someone - with a boy or with a girl it doesn't really matter! Or even a girl, paid to imitate an orgasm masturbating? THAT takes REAL guts, my friend! And - maybe - REAL love that takes too.

So. How to protect myself? First - never speak to the reporters. Ever. No way! NO INTERVIEWS! Second - do not do BEHIND THE SCENE shots. Or at least - limit them to the very minimum.

Third - watch for details on a background. For instance, once upon a time a movie had been shot in a room of a beautiful hotel, stated in one of the most charming Eastern European city. Detail of the interior got caught - a brand name on the pillow. It was perfectly enough for a crazy person to get the exact name and location of the hotel. He went to the place, and for fifty Euro was able to obtain a copy of the passport, an exact home address and a telephone number of the model he's got a crash on.

Fourth - close your profile on social networks - set it available for your friends only, and accept as the virtual friends only those you know and trust enough from your real life.

Fifth - accept only sessions from the serious professional photographers. NO BS, please! This way you will know where the reels and stills will go - even after the standard release-form has been signed.

Sixth - try to stay in a control, and clearly describe in advance what is and what is not acceptable for you during the session.

Seventh - invent totally fictional official profile for yourself - to be attached to your sessions. For instance - if you were born in Paris, write that you are from St. Petersburg, Russia. Even more: make several sessions deliberately staged in "Mother-Russia", or with a book printed in Russian.

Am I a paranoid? Most certainly, yes. Maybe, it's not a problem - for you. Maybe, you don't even think about it. But I do. I do think about it; and it is an issue - for me. Therefore - yes, I share those thoughts. With you.

Location: New York, United States

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Comment from: ttyler5  

It must be possible by now to invent a thoroughly fictional background, so well-disguised that no one might penetrate it?

10/26/14 @ 04:16

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