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Written by:Irene
Published on October 27th, 2014 @ 12:33:00 pm , using 1181 words

When a teenager watches a beautifully shot porn movie for the very first time; most likely he will fall in love with a star of it. He will tell to himself: "She is an angel! She is the best human being I've ever seen! THEY forced her to do all THAT in front of the camera!" And he starts to dream - how to set his true love free from her annoying captivity. And - to become her only knight in shining arms. To talk with her - at least, on a facebook - if there is NO WAY simply to pick up the phone and to call her. Or - to ask her to move to skype... Or... Whatever.

And... (deep... inside his lovely and warm soul!) he hopes she will do EVERYTHING he just saw on the screen - for him only. As a token of one and a true love.

Some of the teens never grow older. I envy them very much: they are the happiest men in this world! And - frankly speaking - I do envy those porn-stars, who are able to do such a great job. On those teens - and for every one of them. BRAVO!

In reality porn industry (well, let's name it "explicit movies") has some laws of its own. And it's a very rare case when a person comes in - and still can get out. There is almost no way also - to turn from the usual path, normal pattern: from soft-porn solo, to solo-masturbation, to mixed-play with toys... to actual hardcore. It's a complex, and a very stressful, sometimes - painful pressure. From your partner. From your cameraman. From your agent. From the production company. From... from... from... And? The point is this: yes, you may leave. To retire. To live an ordinary life. Even if you've got enough guts - you'll be able to live a normal life among all the teens and grown adults, perverts and pretty normal family men - who will instantly recognize you - on the street, in a cafe, at the library, in a local supermarket. On a parking lot. It's not like being a star of the mainstream movie, believe me - worse. Much worse. No one had ever seen an ass of ... say, So-n-So, Oscar-winner. But every last boy on the street had pleased himself watching YOU! Doing something on that small screen. Think about - do you have enough guts to go through all that hell?! Well. So... It's sad. But - who told you life itself is a fun with no end?

Besides - you are full of excitement. You pretend to be a star, all the way you are doing your tricks - in front of that camera. And everybody in this room with you - they support you! In that illusion of yours - that you CAN ACT. Well. In a way - yes, you can. Of course, you can! Act. Naturally.

And an excitement of traveling - constant traveling! Today it's Prague. Tomorrow - Budapest. And next week? Next week it will be Venice! Or may be - Palma De Majorca? May be... Or - a fancy set in Portugal? Right now, when it's snowing in boring frozen Berlin. And all what you have to do is just ACT NATURALLY in front of a camera. NO NEED for long and boring drills, no need to learn and memorize any words. No need to ... learn how to act! Just spread your legs, baby! Be natural, enjoy yourself...

Money? Money is not that good as everybody outside this world may expect. For a modest $1,700 one can order a private photo-session with you. A day one-to-one. Anywhere. Everything is included. Even your friend, a cameraman - for some couple more bucks will help an amateur to point a camera and to click. Then - he will wait. From another side of the door. When you will earn some... additional money. Why not, goddamn?! But even without this step - it's still not a Hollywood-sized salary - because those over- and sub-orbital pays come to the ACTORS. Who know what to do with their hands. With their eyes, with their smiles... who know how to play Caesar, and Romeo, and Juliette, and who is not afraid of Virginia Wolf... In a word - for those who LEARNED their trade - during some torturing and long hours of training, studies, rehearsals... For those, who know what the responsibility is, and what is it - to think and to learn something new. All the day. Every day. Every last moment. NOT YOU, believe me. It is not about YOU!

So. What else? What will happen with you when you will grow old enough for kids, perverts, teens and those family men will not have fun looking at your butt - wrinkled and boringly old? At your tits - no more the lovely breasts of a youth - but those of a grown, old woman? Well... there is a market for such performers too. Always is and always will be. The question is - will YOU want to do all those tricks forever? Will you not become bored to death - time after time repeating the very same sets, the very same poses, the very same movements... you did already for years and years... And here we go... You either realize it's time to do something else - or time to quit. Good luck to you. I wish you all the luck, all the strength in the Universe - how did they said? "Let the Force be with you!" But... but... but... Listen, you know nothing else - and it's way too late to learn something else - even worse than that: you do not have enough concentration, enough guts, enough will - to go back to school, to learn something useful.

And besides... did you think about those students, those male students who will sit next to you? They are the same teens who already saw your butt and your nipples. Would you like them to sit next to you and be nice enough for not saying anything to you? Or - to anyone else, who didn't see you yet? Good luck, and sweet dreams!

To learn some trade right there, when you are still on the set? Well... Possible. Editing for instance. But... it's an art itself, you know. A lot of things to pick up - some software, some feelings, certain skills, etc. Good eye, light hand are a must. OK. Let's assume you've got all that all right. BUT! There is a hell lot of OTHERS, who will ALSO would like to edit those "movies"!!! Will you be able to stand that competition? Will you? Maybe...

So, I wish you all the luck, my friend. My dear porn-star. Get well, get warm. Do not catch any STD, let alone - AIDS. Hope, you will not get pregnant during some gang-bang shooting - or in a motel's cheap room - after shooting, with a drunk cameraman, or with a drugged director... or with that old and bold producer... Good luck to you! I wish you all the very best. Because - you need all the luck you only can catch. Anywhere. Everywhere.

Because I know it all. Because I am who I am. Good luck and good night, my friend!

Location: New York, United States


Comment from: ttyler5  

I read Linda Lovelace’s chilling biography, ORDEAL, about the terrible time she had. There is also a very dark, criminal and violent side to this "industry".

" But nobody, from the A-list celebrities who touted the movie to the audiences that lined up to see it, knew the truth about what went on behind the scenes.

Enslaved by the man who would eventually force her into marriage so that he could control her completely, Linda was beaten savagely with regularity, hypnotized, and raped. She was threatened with disfigurement and death. She was terrorized into prostitution at gun and knifepoint. She was forced to perform unspeakable perversions on film. She made Deep Throat under unimaginable duress.

Years later, Linda would come out of hiding to relate her side of the story—a modern horror tale of humiliation, betrayal, and violence that would rock the porn industry and put its teller in fear for her life… "

11/22/14 @ 09:42
Comment from: ttyler5  

BTW, this is a great post, it is well-written and it is very thoughtful and raises the important questions for a person who is thinking about this or getting involved in it.

11/22/14 @ 10:00

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