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Sunday: the day of the social networking

Written by:Irene
Published on November 6th, 2015 @ 12:35:00 pm , using 478 words
Posted in Guy the invincible

Guy hated facebook. Well, to tell the truth he did hate every last of the social networks. Why so? First – he enjoys life, in all its enjoyable pleasures and lovely moments. The real life, of course, was much more enjoyable than the virtual one for him. Second? He's got no time for such a mess. But from time to time... Okay, he reposted some twitters all-right – those his actors did. Or, rather to say – those messages the PR department felt the best to proliferate – to advertise the new session, or a set, or... Whatever.

And he enjoyed small talks – here and there. Once... Right - once he even met a girl online he started to like – until she disappeared... with no traces. Perhaps, she realized – he wasn't for real? Or – she needed something more than just short one-liners in return to her long and sentimental letters? Who knows... Bottom line: she ran away from him, leaving her facebook account unattended. But that is another story. Sad enough to be told here not.

Another story... He found a post on a friendly forum. Just this one:

“I am lovely, communicable and charming girl. Would like to marry a boy who makes no less than $500K a year.” Photo seemed to be pretty nice.

Guy checked his bank statement and … well. Okay. Far away. And well-out-of-range he's got. Still – he was intrigued... He smiled, and - here is what he answered:

“I've read your post with a great interest. However. Here is how I see the picture: your offer from my point of view looks like a very weak deal. Frankly speaking – a bad one. That's why. Shortly speaking, you offer your beauty in exchange for my money. Wonderful.
“But your charm will disappear with years and my capital will only multiply. Of course, a probability of my money multiplying can be questioned too – but it's for sure: you will not get prettier – right?
“Economically speaking you are a falling active – and I? I am a raising active. And your value will go down faster and faster – in ten years from now no one will even pay attention to you. To purchase you (this is what you are asking for) – is a bad business though. To tell you the truth, I'd better rent you.
“If you think my words are harsh – don't you think you'll drop me even faster if my money would disappear. So, frankly speaking, when you'll get ugly, I'll get rid of such an active – right? It's simple like one-two-three. Therefore – I would consider dating (and fucking) you – not marrying.
“Hope I helped you. Yes, and if you'll consider a conditions for a rent – do not hesitate to let me know, OK?”

He smiled to his shadowy reflection in a foggy mirror of the monitor, and pushed the button. And his comment to that girl's post had been sent.

Guy – the pets' best friend: Saturday

Written by:Irene
Published on November 5th, 2015 @ 02:35:00 pm , using 561 words
Posted in Guy the invincible

Well, who wants to hear – will. For those who want not – I do not care much. When Guy only started his career as a great porn-movie director he felt so lonely that one of his models bought him a hamster. At that time all the shoots were scheduled to happen not so far from Zürich, in Switzerland. So, a hamster Guy got was so lovely creature (and lively creature it was all-right) that the team decided to make it a mascot for an entire production company (not much of it existed then and there – but... still – why not?).

And guess what? Right in the middle of a session, when the best porn-model of all the times and tribes, one Ms. L, was already hog-tied; and Guy had just to put a piece of a black duct-tape over her always-smiling mouth – and start to please her with a broom-stick... Suddenly there came a loud and insistent knock at the door.

Have to admit – everybody at the set got pretty much scared: because the set looked like … well, porn-movie set must exactly look like. And that knock at the door sounded exactly like the police would knock! Besides – neither Guy, nor his entire team had any work permission to handle a job in Switzerland – can you imagine then HOW scared they all were?! (inimitable Ms. L not only lost her eternal smile – but also... well... silence! About the stars – only the best and pleasant things have to be said, or nothing at all.)

Guy walked to the door, and with a smile of a walking dead unbolted it. Yes, it was an official. From the canton. But – nothing to do with any immigration issues, oh! Not at all! They couldn't care less about the set either! The person in the door was... an animal rights' protection officer. In charge of this paricular city-block. And Guy was promptly told that “... according to the Swiss law, he cannot keep a hamster alone – for this hamster may get a psychological trauma because of a loneliness.... And the only way to handle such a delicate and fragile individual as the hamster might be to buy him a girlfriend. RIGHT NOW!”

Well... Dura lex – sed lex. (As those ancient Romans use to say. Means: obey the law - you, son-of-a-bitch – or else!). They cut the session short – and even forgot to free Ms. L from her so sweet of a captivity. Guy ran to the nearest pet-shop, and bought a girlfriend for Mr. Hamster.

You think, that was it?! Do not be so naive, dude! A week passed... And those Mr. and Mrs. Hamster... well, already got another generation. And another one... and... one more... and MORE!!! Finally – after a couple of months there were more than a thousand hamsters in that studio... Now Guy realized... that THIS is it. And let them all... go. Since that time a house where the studio was (once upon a time) stands... empty. Well, not exactly empty! It is the biggest hamsters' habitat – HAMSTERS' EDEN - on the continent of Europe!!! And Guy with his company? They moved. To Barcelona (Ms. L followed. She dropped BDSM alltogether – it was one hell of an experience, you know – to lie down hog-tied and to wait for a hamster's girlfriend to arrive!). Over there, in Spain the laws protecting animals and pets are not so... harsh...

Friday: Guy-the-traveler

Written by:Irene
Published on November 4th, 2015 @ 05:15:00 pm , using 378 words
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So, be it known that Guy is a great traveler, globe-trotter, and so on. And he does love to travel even more than he loves women (maybe)!

Once upon a time... (and that happened Friday to be precise!) he flew to Copenhagen. Just to see the Mermaid - or to buy some genetically-engineered weed - who knows but Guy himself! So... He landed in Kastrup - but his way was not there exactly (hahaha! Certainly, I tricked you!) - he rented a car, and drove down the E20 - over the largest, and one of the most charming bridge in all Europe (well, maybe his REAL goal was just to drive over the bridge between Denmark and Sweden?!). Anyway - almost immediately after crossing that bridge he realized that ran out of smoke. Alltogether. No weed, no tobacco - nothing - can you imagine?! Yeah, that was hard!

And Guy stopped at the very first Swedish gas-station, and he bought a can of yellow Lilliput cigarillos (and this is NOT a product-placement, thank you very much!!!!). Beautiful bright and sunny day (Tuesday - as we all remember!), and he is driving a powerful car (full of hidden... high-quality genetically engineered shit - and did you really believe our Guy may just travel all over the Europe, and doing nothing?! Do not you ever think so about my hero!) - and road crossing the most wonderful landscape in the Northern Europe, Land of Vikings and Fjords... Not so far from the Polar Circle - by the way - no more than 50 kilometers...

Guy lit his first cigarillo... WOW! Almost immediately, just after the very first inhale... Ta-da! On the right side of the road... Over there!!! THREE OSTRICHES. Yes-yes-yes! Those Australian Emu. So-called Camel-birds. In 50 (fifty!) kilometers from the Polar Circle.

Well... What would YOU think? Exactly! Guy's first thought was: "THEY put something - but most certainly, very well genetically-engineered, in my cigarillos also..." He hit his brakes with all his power, cut the engine, and stepped out.

YES. There WERE a couple of Ostriches. The real Big Birds. It was a year when mad-cow disease tortured poor cows all over Europe - so, the clever Swedes bought certain eggs in Australia. Placed them into incubators, and breed the ostriches - on the farms built everywhere - just to satisfy Vikings' appetite for RED MEAT.

Guy and the hummer: Thursday

Written by:Irene
Published on November 3rd, 2015 @ 02:52:00 pm , using 813 words
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In German the name of this day means The Day of Thunder (Donnerstag) – after Jupiter with his thunder and Thor – with his hummer. Well, Guy never considered himself properly – or even systematically - educated person: ten years spent in a public school, and less than two years in community college – or so to speak, an Italian equivalent – he dropped out because of... let's say, wrong temperament. But still – the names of the weekdays... Anyway – it doesn't matter. For this story, at least.

He was young, ambitious, and penniless. But – life is life, and Guy frequented Tango – a night club not so far from the Verdi-theater, in Florence. Not so good-looking, and – as I already had a chance to mention – not rich at all – what chances did he get there?! But... He looked for someone. For a girl to fill an emptiness of his nights – of course, in his playful imagination. At that time he wasn't a famous porn director – yet; and the girls didn't accept his internal prominence. Simply – didn't see it. At all. What a pity, right? So, he was alone with his dreams...

That evening... Yes, a normal evening – he parked his rusty and beaten FIAT (“Fix-It-Again-Tony”) at the last vacant spot, next to the dirty garbage bin; and walked into the club. Everything was normal. Well... But that girl... The girl he hadn't seen there before. He thought the girl was... just of a kind who'll never fuck you, me, or that boy next door. Never.

Guy gulped another Vodka, and crossed the dance-hall – straight to the her table where she drunk her bloody-Mary. A classic one – by the way: a layer of Russian vodka, covered by a tomato juice.
Guy knew for sure that rather the polite green guys from Sirius would wash his toilet than such a girl would even talk to him – but still smiled, and said as if he addressed a traffic cop: hopelessly but with a smile:

“Lady, I swear, I've never met anyone in my life whom I'd like to fuck more than I want you. Your fantastic image will stay in front of my inner eye when I'll masturbate tonight. Thank you so very much that you exist. “

And that's all. Guy turned around and walked away. Still smiling – all the way to his lonely table. But... He only had enough time to drink another vodka when she already stood right there – smiling as only Ms. L, famous XXX-model, could smile (much later though: she didn't even entered this business – yet):

“You've got your chance, pal. Where did you park?”

And they came to his flat, and had a fuck of their life. Have you ever seen how those baboons fuck? That's the case! I swear, monkeys would be ashamed for the rest of their filthy lives!

Much later – when he got into adult-movie-business all-right – Guy realized that either girl can be charmingly beautiful – or fuckable. Here and there wasn't the case. She could be considered a world-class sex-machine, all-the-XXX-writers' wettest dream. Fantastically dumb – but that doesn't matter anyway with such a … well, exterior.

And that's how it was – an entire month or so. Gradually she explained she's got a guy – much older, rich but... no good for nothing. Could get his orgasm only when she – fully naked – touched his ear with her small fingers. Old psychic trauma – what would you say...

So, this man came. Right there. To Guy's flat. And entered in a way: broke through the door with a huge sledge-hammer. A rail-road-type. Guy knew a thing or two about the doors jumping to the very center of the room – and didn't move. Old man stepped into the kitchen – where Guy and his girl stood. Naked. And Guy had only two rings of pineapple strategically sat on his hard-erected dick. What did he suppose to do? Okay. He said: “Maybe, a cup of coffee?”

Yes, even then Guy understood how well a simple politeness might work. Man was impressed. He node approvingly: “Yes – but strong and as much as possible. No sugar and a drop of a cream, please. And you, Jenny. Sit down - if you please... “

Guy turned to the gas-stove with his butt blinking in electric light, and boiled the strongest coffee for a fellow who found him on kitchen in that exact moment when their mutual lover (kneeling comfortably on a small pillow) ate fruit shish-kabob from his dick.

And what that crazy man did at the moment when coffee was almost ready? Instead of jealous scream and a drama scene, he rose his sledge-hammer, and... removed a top-half of Jenny's skull. In one move. And – said quietly: “I didn't want it. Never. I didn't kill her – my love did. “

End of story. And Guy? Well. Since then he's got a feeling for a drama. A very strong one. That's how he decided to become a XXX-movies' director.

Guy – as an ultimate Figaro: Monday

Written by:Irene
Published on October 26th, 2015 @ 03:26:00 pm , using 576 words
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When he was much younger, Guy worked as a driver for a wealthy British gentleman - who bought an old home, not so far from Barcelona.

That gentleman used to be a Civil Servant so to speak - and spent his entire life on Her Majesty Service, working in Foreign Office, and living far away - in Korea, Japan, China... etc. So, when he retired - he bought that estate, full of orange trees, old home, and so on - very romantic. The trick was - British gentleman did not speak a word in Spanish. Korean, Mandarin, even Japanese - yes, sure. BUT! Not a word in Spanish... What a pity... So, Guy was not only his driver - but also his guide, and a great help, and even a companion of a sort. Well... NOT what some may think about British gentlemen - thank-you-very-much!

Anyway! One sunny day - it happened to be Monday, to be precise - Guy picked up a mail at the post-office - as he usually did, and brought it to his boss. Among other envelopes, newspapers and magazines, there was a huge official package - full of everything Spaniards like so much: wax seals, golden cuts, and so on. Of course, text was printed in Spanish (thanks God, not in CATALUNA!). Boss called his lawyer from Barcelona, and asked Guy to pick-up him at his office, and to drive this very knowledgeable advocate to the place where Boss lived.

Guy obeyed the order (but of course!) - and soon enough all three of them took their places at the dining table (remember - our Guy was not only a driver - but also a confidante to an old British Gentleman!). So, after food, port and some cigars, Advocate placed on his nose a pair of glasses in golden frame, and in a total silence read that official letter. After moment of silence, he said - with a great respect:

"Congratulation, Signore! Local authorities - municipality to be precise - decided to include you as a member of a Ruling Council (or somehow else it was called, Guy didn't remember exactly)! It's a great honor, they did it because they think you are a very well-respected land-owner, and so on... so for... "

"BUT I cannot say a WORD in Spanish!!!"
"Doesn't matter, Signore! You will sit there, sip some coffee, smoke a cigar, smile to everybody... Just do not forget ask ... Guy to shine your Rolls-Royce in time for driving you there - and everything will be just fine!"

So, be it. And British Gentleman started his not-so-simple task of ... governing this local municipality. He even bought a special cap for Guy to wear - together with white gloves it looked just amazing!
And after couple of months... another package of the same quality, bearing even more wax-seals, arrived. Well... The drill was the same: advocate-dinner-port-cigars...

"Congratulations!" - said lawyer with even more respect "They inform you that ... well... you know, in our country we fight corruption... "
"Well... Mayor of the city got arrested - and so were... Treasurer, Comptroller... and - to make things short - all others, BUT YOU. Now... Congratulations one more time: They wrote that you are an acting Mayor of this city... Good luck with your new official post, Sir!"

And with those words lawyer left, leaving behind the British Gentleman (totally upset) and Guy (absolutely excited). That's how our hero became a Civil Servant as well - just because he drove a Mayor... But - not for a long time... Why? That will be explained in our next episode!

Location: New York, United States

Wednesday: Guy-the-Great-Terrorist.

Written by:Irene
Published on October 30th, 2015 @ 02:36:00 pm , using 525 words
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Once upon a time Guy used to do some really odd jobs. For instance, he worked for a sex-shop in Barcelona - the huge company with branches and franchises all over the world. So, it happened that one of such franchise was established in Munich - not so far from the Bahnhof. One sunny morning (to be exact - it was Wednesday. The Thirteen - that's a bad omen, right?) his boss asked him to fly to Munich and present 18 (eighteen) new models of vibrators to the most valued potential Bavarian customers. Well, Guy liked to travel almost as much as he liked women - and in an hour he was at the airport.

Flight was terrific, no second pilot got crazy, and they landed in Munich safely. Our hero stopped by at the nearest coffee shop - to catch some espresso and a croissant. And - yes, we admit it! - he made a big mistake: he dropped his bag, full of ready-to-act vibrators, on the floor. Here came a sleepy cleaner with his vacuum-machine, and - ca-boom! - hit that bag. All the vibrators started to work at once. Some just made a noise. Some sung as a bird, some... whatever. Oh, it could be a magnificent advertising for a company where he used to work, believe me - if... if not that stupid, over-protective bartender, who read a hell lot of newspapers, and knew everything about terrorists! OK, the bartender is always... right. And he pushed certain red button! Bingo!

In a half-a-minute a full dozen of brave Bavarian cops arrived. Their bodies were heavily armored, and they wore helmets, and those amazing Heckler-Koch toys were with them indeed. In a moment or so they evacuated every last person from the cafe, put a very bright plastic barrier around that ticking-mumbling-singing bag, and called for a bomb-squad with their robots and so on.

Our Guy tried to explain - in a very poor German, we've to admit - that all this is just a mistake, and he had no bomb - only the sex-toys in his baggage. Brave cops did not understand him - well, they caught the only fact that HE was a luggage owner - and! One-Two-Three! - our hero is already on the floor, his hands handcuffed behind his back, and on his butt is a huge German Shepard sitting most comfortably. Dog became agitated too - because Guy had usually some pot with him - just in case.

And to tell you the truth, the police dogs in Germany are not exactly enthusiastic about recreational drugs, believe me... So, long or short - but the bomb squad arrived. Robotic arm opened the bag - and... the very first thing it caught was a huge and a very realistic dick. The black one. Moaning and screaming. All other things found were in general the same...

In a half an hour or so, hoarse from laughing cops and a bomb-squaders recalled Guy (still handcuffed, and with a dog on his butts), and very politely asked him - how does he feel. One of them, removing handcuffs even asked - isn't he a mazo, and if yes - was it fun enough for him. Well... after that story Guy didn't come to Munich anymore. Never.

Location: New York, United States

Tuesday: Guy-the-Merchant.

Written by:Irene
Published on October 29th, 2015 @ 04:16:00 pm , using 463 words
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It happened that British Gentleman Guy used to work for (see the previous episode) asked him to help in a very delicate task: immediately after the war in Iraq came to its end, British SAS found themselves in a possession of a large storage, full of Russian-made automatic weapons. After brief - but very turbulent consideration - British Gentlemen-in-Charge decided that they might sell all that for a small-penny-profit, somewhere in Africa. And - asked their former colleague for a favor (which he couldn't decline - or else... )

Of course, British-Gentleman-Who-Happened-to-be-A-Mayor found a buyer - it took no more than two long-distance phone calls actually. But ... He was way too fragile, and old, and lazy, and... Then - he summoned his devoted driver-cum-confidante, our ol'good Guy.

"Look, sunny boy... Please, consider it as a favor... And... remember: British Crown never forget people who do them a favors, you know... "
"Sir! But of course, more than happy to do... whatever I can, Sir!" - we have to admit Guy was a very adventures young Spaniard, full of illusions, and so on... And in a day or so he already found himself... "On-Her-Majesty-Service" - flying high and fast, towards one of the newly-independent African country, fighting for its ... freedom and happiness, of course - what else!

He was cordially received by the local Father-of-His-Nation - and after deal had been closed, an unusual offer appeared - sort of... the one you cannot refuse: The President asked him to go to the safari-tour, hunting no one else - but rhinoceros. Well... Our hero - even that so young he was - understood pretty well that THERE ARE the offers... and the offers. So, he accepted.

They flew a military helicopter, with those newly-purchased Russian-made Kalashnikov assault rifles in hands - and those toys had also RPG-launchers mounted on them. Long or short time flied - but finally they spotted a very peaceful rhino, in the middle of his lunch-time, eating some grass (or whatever else it was). Chopper landed, and The President with our hero in tow shlepped to the rhino. From a distance of, say, a couple of dozens yards that biological tank looked... well. Scary - if not to say more. But they had Kalashnikovs with RPG! And His Excellence... Well. Shoot. BUT! He did not removed a plastic protective cap from the grenade!!! And that thing just hit rhino's BUTT! No explosion... OK! Explosion was there all right - that of a rhino's excitement...

Guy had never seen that a man of a 500 lbs run so fast - but on the tree HE was the first, not The President! Maybe, it was an Olympic record... With nobody in sight to fix it...

Anyway - they did shoot that unfortunate rhino. With a regular bullet. From Kalashnikov. But Guy decided for himself that he will not work for Her Majesty Service. Not anymore!

Location: New York, United States


Written by:Irene
Published on October 27th, 2014 @ 12:33:00 pm , using 1181 words

When a teenager watches a beautifully shot porn movie for the very first time; most likely he will fall in love with a star of it. He will tell to himself: "She is an angel! She is the best human being I've ever seen! THEY forced her to do all THAT in front of the camera!" And he starts to dream - how to set his true love free from her annoying captivity. And - to become her only knight in shining arms. To talk with her - at least, on a facebook - if there is NO WAY simply to pick up the phone and to call her. Or - to ask her to move to skype... Or... Whatever.

And... (deep... inside his lovely and warm soul!) he hopes she will do EVERYTHING he just saw on the screen - for him only. As a token of one and a true love.

Some of the teens never grow older. I envy them very much: they are the happiest men in this world! And - frankly speaking - I do envy those porn-stars, who are able to do such a great job. On those teens - and for every one of them. BRAVO!

In reality porn industry (well, let's name it "explicit movies") has some laws of its own. And it's a very rare case when a person comes in - and still can get out. There is almost no way also - to turn from the usual path, normal pattern: from soft-porn solo, to solo-masturbation, to mixed-play with toys... to actual hardcore. It's a complex, and a very stressful, sometimes - painful pressure. From your partner. From your cameraman. From your agent. From the production company. From... from... from... And? The point is this: yes, you may leave. To retire. To live an ordinary life. Even if you've got enough guts - you'll be able to live a normal life among all the teens and grown adults, perverts and pretty normal family men - who will instantly recognize you - on the street, in a cafe, at the library, in a local supermarket. On a parking lot. It's not like being a star of the mainstream movie, believe me - worse. Much worse. No one had ever seen an ass of ... say, So-n-So, Oscar-winner. But every last boy on the street had pleased himself watching YOU! Doing something on that small screen. Think about - do you have enough guts to go through all that hell?! Well. So... It's sad. But - who told you life itself is a fun with no end?

Besides - you are full of excitement. You pretend to be a star, all the way you are doing your tricks - in front of that camera. And everybody in this room with you - they support you! In that illusion of yours - that you CAN ACT. Well. In a way - yes, you can. Of course, you can! Act. Naturally.

And an excitement of traveling - constant traveling! Today it's Prague. Tomorrow - Budapest. And next week? Next week it will be Venice! Or may be - Palma De Majorca? May be... Or - a fancy set in Portugal? Right now, when it's snowing in boring frozen Berlin. And all what you have to do is just ACT NATURALLY in front of a camera. NO NEED for long and boring drills, no need to learn and memorize any words. No need to ... learn how to act! Just spread your legs, baby! Be natural, enjoy yourself...

Money? Money is not that good as everybody outside this world may expect. For a modest $1,700 one can order a private photo-session with you. A day one-to-one. Anywhere. Everything is included. Even your friend, a cameraman - for some couple more bucks will help an amateur to point a camera and to click. Then - he will wait. From another side of the door. When you will earn some... additional money. Why not, goddamn?! But even without this step - it's still not a Hollywood-sized salary - because those over- and sub-orbital pays come to the ACTORS. Who know what to do with their hands. With their eyes, with their smiles... who know how to play Caesar, and Romeo, and Juliette, and who is not afraid of Virginia Wolf... In a word - for those who LEARNED their trade - during some torturing and long hours of training, studies, rehearsals... For those, who know what the responsibility is, and what is it - to think and to learn something new. All the day. Every day. Every last moment. NOT YOU, believe me. It is not about YOU!

So. What else? What will happen with you when you will grow old enough for kids, perverts, teens and those family men will not have fun looking at your butt - wrinkled and boringly old? At your tits - no more the lovely breasts of a youth - but those of a grown, old woman? Well... there is a market for such performers too. Always is and always will be. The question is - will YOU want to do all those tricks forever? Will you not become bored to death - time after time repeating the very same sets, the very same poses, the very same movements... you did already for years and years... And here we go... You either realize it's time to do something else - or time to quit. Good luck to you. I wish you all the luck, all the strength in the Universe - how did they said? "Let the Force be with you!" But... but... but... Listen, you know nothing else - and it's way too late to learn something else - even worse than that: you do not have enough concentration, enough guts, enough will - to go back to school, to learn something useful.

And besides... did you think about those students, those male students who will sit next to you? They are the same teens who already saw your butt and your nipples. Would you like them to sit next to you and be nice enough for not saying anything to you? Or - to anyone else, who didn't see you yet? Good luck, and sweet dreams!

To learn some trade right there, when you are still on the set? Well... Possible. Editing for instance. But... it's an art itself, you know. A lot of things to pick up - some software, some feelings, certain skills, etc. Good eye, light hand are a must. OK. Let's assume you've got all that all right. BUT! There is a hell lot of OTHERS, who will ALSO would like to edit those "movies"!!! Will you be able to stand that competition? Will you? Maybe...

So, I wish you all the luck, my friend. My dear porn-star. Get well, get warm. Do not catch any STD, let alone - AIDS. Hope, you will not get pregnant during some gang-bang shooting - or in a motel's cheap room - after shooting, with a drunk cameraman, or with a drugged director... or with that old and bold producer... Good luck to you! I wish you all the very best. Because - you need all the luck you only can catch. Anywhere. Everywhere.

Because I know it all. Because I am who I am. Good luck and good night, my friend!

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Written by:Irene
Published on November 3rd, 2014 @ 04:25:00 am , using 1975 words

Gambling, drug-addiction, compulsive investing - and watching porn. What all those things may have in common? Not so long ago neuroscientists figured out a common thread does exist. Such activities all rely on brain circuits evolved to assist primates (you and me, so to speak!) to gain assets vital to their very existence and survival: food and sex. Brain systems detecting and evaluating such rewards as sudden investment incomes and sexual pleasures operate completely outside of conscious awareness. Means - humans are much closer to zombies they pretend not to have anything in common with. Chemistry. Pure and clean - biochemistry rules that field of sub-conscious.

More than 90% of what people are doing on a day-by-day basis has been carried out by an automatic, sub-conscious structure, built to assist us to survive. Simple animals use these so-called circuits to choose what to ignore and what to attend, what is worth to learn about - and what not. We, the humans, use the same circuits for more complicated reasons. For instance, we decide eat - or not to eat chocolate. To gamble - or not to gamble. Smoke - or not to smoke grass. And, of course - watch or not to watch porn.

So far - so good. But - is the last activity as addictive as all others? Our brains are built of tiny chemicals called neurotransmitters. They drive our emotions, feelings - therefore, our behavior as well. Scientists think the mind - as an electrical activity - resides inside the physical brain (based on chemical reactions and physical body). Of course, there must be a constant interplay - so to speak - between both parts, and each has an influence on another. Addiction occurs if and when the physical brain would decide to take a control over an entire couple - and over the mind therefore.

Chemicals-of-pleasure, dopamine and oxytocin - the last one playing also the function of bonding, creating a powerful emotional bond inside a couple involved in a normal, real-life sexual activity. Unfortunately, will be released and without a partner, during masturbation - and will be left feeling alone, depressed and confused - despite the dopamine-rush.

Above all this - when a porn is viewed - an entire cocktail of pleasure chemicals has been released into the system, and, of course, it completely changes the way our brain functions. Dopamine, norepinephrine, oxytocin and serotonin inevitably bind the brain to seek certain behaviors able to reproduce the same state of feelings - again, and again, and again. Porn-user will begin to lose control more and more - at the biochemical level.

There is a scientific evidence strongly supporting a chemical basis for all addictions - they all are caused by a deficit of dopamine inside the reward system. Such deficit may be compensated and facilitated by viewing porn too. Porn-user disrupts his regular and though, natural, dopamine-production, and re-tunes his internal mechanisms. Such deficit can easily produce a very powerful craving, underlying all addictions. Driving force behind this obsession may practically disconnect the pre-frontal rational brain, and drive the porn-user to the lives-destroying behavior. The part of the brain able to brake this activity begins to malfunction, shrinks, and looses the strength to restrain an unwanted behavior.

So, let me make it all-clear. You think, obsession with porn is due to a character defect? Think again: a porn is more challenging for men then for women - and the higher sexual arousal generally experienced by men when viewing erotica may be related to the functional gender difference found with respect to the hypothalamus, a part of the reward-circuits of the brain, responsible for the overall integration of the mind and body. Male monkeys will "to pay" for viewing females' genitals. Men are pretty much the same, I guess - today's over-flood of porn images all over the internet, cable TV, magazines and so on specifically targets young socially active men. Their brains have never had to contend with such a massive attack - strategically calculated this exact vulnerable part of a male brain. As of now, you all - as a porn-consumers - are a bunch of laboratory guinea pigs, used in a giant experiment. Potentially, porn-addiction goes well-beyond of the issue of character these days. It affects males more than females. Once addicted, character alone, with all those terabytes of porn stored in his hard-drive, will not be able to turn the situation around.

OK, but maybe, there is no scientific evidence that porn is addictive? Well, there is much circumstantial evidence that points to porn’s addictiveness, and much science that indirectly explains why it would be. The fact that not everyone who uses porn uses it to a point where it interferes with his life doesn’t prove it cannot cause addiction. Not everyone who uses alcohol becomes an alcoholic, yet alcohol is unquestionably potentially addictive. The point is that wherever one steps onto the “porn slope,” it is a slope, and it has the potential to lure one into a mighty addiction. Gambling can clearly become an addiction, and it doesn't involve ingesting a substance. So can porn, and for the same neurochemical reason. Any addiction is a learned behavior that activates the reward circuitry of the brain (much of which is located in the limbic system). There certain behaviors and substances stimulate the production of dopamine, the craving neurochemical.

I think there is a correlation between porn viewing and erectile dysfunction. I am sure that if a study were actually done with honest men, we would see significant results. This is the type of issue people don't talk about. However, I think the porn industry is causing a huge problem in relationships and society in general. The porn industry takes advantage of the uninformed public by charging for the porn. Then the pharmaceutical companies sell us drugs to treat the side effects.

Interestingly, the Chinese Taoists noticed long ago that orgasm is potentially addictive. They believed it depleted one's physical reserves while having the opposite effect on sexual desire. It is likely that from a brain-design perspective, porn is potentially an even more addictive activity than gambling. Dutch scientist Holstege used brain imaging to view the effects of ejaculation on the brain and discovered that the brain images were reminiscent of brain scans of those shooting heroin. His conclusion? We’re all sex addicts. It is only when we can successfully harness the more analytical part of the brain that we can control our sexual desire. Alas, porn producers see it as their job to insure that a porn user does not engage the analytical part of his brain. One way they do this is to use imagery that raises testosterone levels in the viewer. Testosterone tends to make one more lustful (testosterone raises dopamine, the craving neurochemical), more irascible, and less fully in control.

Porn images naturally raise testosterone, but domination themes increase it even more – perhaps because males are “rewarded” for striving for the alpha male position in a tribe, troop, or other group. Whatever the reason, the result is that domination themes in porn are as calculated as lacing cigarettes with extra nicotine; they make porn more addictive. (So are "risky" or "shocking" themes like anal sex and underage encounters. Both register as "super-stimulation" because of their shock value.)

In a 2006 study men released markedly more dopamine than women in response to amphetamine. This helps explain why stimulating activities such as watching sports, off-track betting and violent porn hook men so easily. It seems that evolution favored selection of the genes that encourage men to pursue things. Once upon a time those things were primarily game, status, territory and mates. Today's pursuits include ever-present “opportunities” such as video games, betting, porn-induced orgasms. Men are programmed to pursue something. If they aren’t out on the savanna, they will seek stimulation elsewhere. The traits that served our ancestors are now creating distorted outcomes, such as corporate greed (think of Rupert Murdoch) and invading Iraq.

Well. But may be those, who suggest porn is harmful - are all anti-sex, and perhaps, some religious extremists? You know, Born-Again, and so on?

Have to admit - I am not a Born-Again Christian, nor a Muslim-Fundamentalist I am. Also - I am most certainly, NOT ANTI-SEX!. However, let me make an example: when a kid wants to eat chocolate ONLY, and his mom says "That's really bad idea, dear!" - would you consider that lady an anti-food, or at least - an anti-chocolate? Porn is like a junk food. It can easily promote unhealthy isolation or shallow, risky relationships. It therefore interferes with relationships that have the greatest potential to nourish us. In this respect porn itself is anti-sex, even if it is pro-orgasm. Moreover, like junk food, porn can give rise to an unruly addiction. No one should be made to feel guilty for being attracted to Twinkies or porn. Both foods with high fat and sugar and sexual stimulation are predictable cravings, given the way our brains evolved over millions of years. Yet both have the potential to become unhealthy addictions because of the vulnerability of the reward circuitry of the brain. In short, both urges call for careful management, with regular, balanced nourishment, and an avoidance of substances and activities that over-stimulate the reward circuitry of the brain. Neither urge should frivolously be labeled "harmless."

People who claim that those who are anti-porn are anti-sex appear to be locked into a “feast or famine” mentality where sex is concerned. In effect they are saying that others don’t like sex unless they also approve of the extreme behaviors strategically marketed to porn users. This point of view may simply be evidence of “addict-think.” An addict believes he must choose between “pain of withdrawal,” which a porn addict understandably projects outward and sees as unwarranted sexual repression, or “the relief of indulgence,” which he equates with unrestrained expression of his addiction. Those locked in the cycle have forgotten what equilibrium feels like, and with the help of the media's widespread tacit approval of porn use, their numbers grow daily. The porn industry is similar to the tobacco industry - driven by the addictions of its users. This demand, which both industries do everything in their power to increase, makes it hard to curb porn production.

Delving into porn is not unlike hopping into a car without brakes. Yet, the porn user will not perceive his danger, because the primitive part of his brain will sound out a loud, unconditional “Go for it!” every time. Because such gut feelings arise at a subconscious level and humans are used to relying on them to make countless daily decisions, the porn user will be sure his urges reflect his will. Sadly, he may one day find that his will is no longer under his command, and that he is using porn to self-medicate - that is, to ease the misery of the withdrawal phase of the addiction cycle. At that point, he is hooked.

Sex can be managed by making love frequently, but with the emphasis on giving and relaxation, while avoiding pursuit of orgasm. Gradually, this practice allows lovers to slip out of the addictive cycle of high and low dopamine that is inherent sexual gratification. Porn users may seem an unlikely group to apply these principles.

What's my point then? SIMPLE! MAKE LOVE! GET LIFE! BE REAL! And DO NOT USE MUCH PORN, OK? Do you hear me, my dear? Here I come... Kill your laptop then! I KNOW WHAT ARE YOU UP TO THERE!!!! S-T-O-P IT!!! Go - and get ME!

P.S. I must thank Dr. A-n. D.-A. - for explaining to me facts on which I based this article. Also, I have to admit, I did use some scientific articles; and though, I have to apologize for boring all of you to almost certain death. Do not worry - next blog will be about ... How it all started - an interview with the guys who stood at the very beginning of MET-ART! Follow my blog, please!!! Thank you for reading!

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Written by:Irene
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Privacy? What privacy are you talking about?! And - whose responsibility would be to guard real identity of the models working for an adult industry? One of my friends told me a story how she tried to take a course in college. During her second week she was approached by another student, and asked for... Well. For sex. That was the first - but certainly not the last approach. Soon enough she realized how it is to be famous - in a way. She dropped out - after four weeks. You may say - she's got no nerves? Let me assure you: NO! She does have a stomach, and her stamina is strong enough to survive. But - every stamina and every determination does have a limit. So, she - quit. And continued her successful career as a star. A porn-model.

Of course, producers and agencies through which the models are booked do everything possible and impossible to shield the real identity of the girls with whom they work. But... small details on a screen, word or two dropped by a model herself during an old interview. And, of course, her unique face. Recognizable no less than that of any movie-star.

To get out of this business completely? To stop shooting? To quit a successful career - in order to be with the man you fall in love with? Well... but even after several years there still will be old sessions released and re-released all over the internet. How about waking up in the middle of the night next to your lover, fiancee, husband - and seeing his eyes. And suddenly feeling pain - hidden deep in his beloved eyes... And how about your kids - if and when they will be born?

You may say here I am just a small bourgeois, locked inside a cage of a false moral. Maybe I am - but this is the world we all live in. Just admit - you, the man from the street, Mr. Average-next-door-neighbor: YES! You will gladly sleep with me. Have the most fantastic sex of your life (well, this part I personally doubt). But... to marry me? To marry a girl, whose private parts are exposed all over the internet? Who got paid ... to have sex with someone - with a boy or with a girl it doesn't really matter! Or even a girl, paid to imitate an orgasm masturbating? THAT takes REAL guts, my friend! And - maybe - REAL love that takes too.

So. How to protect myself? First - never speak to the reporters. Ever. No way! NO INTERVIEWS! Second - do not do BEHIND THE SCENE shots. Or at least - limit them to the very minimum.

Third - watch for details on a background. For instance, once upon a time a movie had been shot in a room of a beautiful hotel, stated in one of the most charming Eastern European city. Detail of the interior got caught - a brand name on the pillow. It was perfectly enough for a crazy person to get the exact name and location of the hotel. He went to the place, and for fifty Euro was able to obtain a copy of the passport, an exact home address and a telephone number of the model he's got a crash on.

Fourth - close your profile on social networks - set it available for your friends only, and accept as the virtual friends only those you know and trust enough from your real life.

Fifth - accept only sessions from the serious professional photographers. NO BS, please! This way you will know where the reels and stills will go - even after the standard release-form has been signed.

Sixth - try to stay in a control, and clearly describe in advance what is and what is not acceptable for you during the session.

Seventh - invent totally fictional official profile for yourself - to be attached to your sessions. For instance - if you were born in Paris, write that you are from St. Petersburg, Russia. Even more: make several sessions deliberately staged in "Mother-Russia", or with a book printed in Russian.

Am I a paranoid? Most certainly, yes. Maybe, it's not a problem - for you. Maybe, you don't even think about it. But I do. I do think about it; and it is an issue - for me. Therefore - yes, I share those thoughts. With you.

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For start: seriously on porn!

Written by:Irene
Published on October 8th, 2014 @ 04:48:00 am , using 588 words
For start: seriously on porn!

Pretty well-known - but not wildly advertised is the fact that many technical wonders we use these days were initially created for military purpose. Much less known - or rather to say, shyly covered - is the story of those internet technologies we own to... the porn-industry. OK, here we are:

  1. Payment systems. According to the New York Times' investigation, the very first users of the electronic payments' system (invented by Richard Gordon in early '90) were clients of the porn-sites. Even in 1999 internet users spent no less than $1.3 billion on porn-related materials' purchase.

  2. Porn-sites started to support streaming well before it was implemented in You Tube. Acacia Research invented technology of streaming in 2003 - and cashed on it pretty well when won several legal battles against porn-industry which used their patents. Illegally of course.

  3. Viruses, anti-viruses, trojans and so on. Some time ago porn-sites were literally over-infected by all kinds of those programs. Cyber-pirates knew better where to place traps and snares for simple-Simones from all over the world. And if there are viruses... so, anti-viruses must be written as well.

  4. As early as in 1990 Penthouse gave to its subscribers 28.8Kbits modems. To read most popular articles from The New York Times, I presume. But essentially, it was porn-industry which created broadband internet. Most certainly. More than 20% customers of broadband service in 2000 were also subscribed to the various porn-sites.

  5. Porn-sites began to collect statistics of visits well-before search-engines. Also, porn-industry invented profit-sharing proportionally to the traffic volume.

  6. And of course, porn-sites are absolute leaders in video-chat using. Sure thing, it's better to see ones - than to hear about a lot. One photo worth a thousand words - or isn't it?

Well, porn-industry shaped the internet as it exists today. Whether you may call it "adult content", "erotica" or "pornography" whether you consider it disgusting or titillating, the facts are clear that without business and technical pioneers in the online sex business, the World Wide Web would never have grown so big so quickly. Without consumer demand for big, bandwidth-hogging sex pictures and streaming video, Cisco would never have sold so many routers and Sun Microsystems so many servers.

Without programming pioneers trying to perfect video streaming software that would deliver images of copulation and procreation to paying customers hooked up with a 28.8 kbps dial-up modem, it is unlikely that CNN would be effectively delivering news clips of global breaking news. Without sex-oriented chat and forums to sustain its early years, America Online might never have survived. The e-commerce payment systems that are so common today would be in a far more primitive stage of development, security and usability. Indeed, without advertising from sex sites, Yahoo! would be just another Web company with a bloody red bottom line.

That's Lewis Perdue, in his book EroticaBiz: How Sex Shaped the Internet.

And - what could be a future for the industry? And - for the internet? Research and development department of the IBM announced not so long ago that transmission of the sensual information over the internet seems to be not so far away. Of course, if we will be able to transmit touch, scent and taste first who will use such an opportunity will be porn-industry.

As soon as computer animation will become developed enough - we will see a huge rise of the unemployment among the porn-stars. Really - who will need them if we will be able to see everyone naked and sexually-active, and inside interactive reality? When virtual reality will get more mature (example: Oculus Rift's googles) - real world of porn will be doomed. Finally.

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Written by:Irene
Published on October 13th, 2014 @ 08:38:00 pm , using 790 words

Common sense whispers: "cost effectiveness..." Dreams cannot agree: "Content! Quality! Fresh, good story!" Level of today's creative thinking sometimes is unbelievable: "... what if instead of wondering around in a rusty old van with Alabama license plates, we will ... sail around in a river-home? To do what? You gonna be kidding me - of course, picking-up girls, and having sex with them!" Or (more original, pretending to be an art-house-like): "what if instead of lonely photographer (obviously looking for trouble in Copacabana - because he carries very expensive camera and lenses) we'll send him ... walking through the streets of Prague? (Reason is the same: he's looking for sex AND for trouble)"

To tell you the truth, when I see something like that my first reaction would be a yawn. Such "innovation" seems to be even worse than "straight-to-the-business" reels. But still... most certainly, there have to be balance - between cost-effectiveness and quality of what we all see. So?

Let's think a little - maybe, this level of creativity is the reason why sales are down for vast majority of adult sites? Another possible reason - hey, why shall I pay for downloading THIS from an original site - if I can get it FOR FREE from the forum so-n-so?! Piracy. Not only in Somalia - but also, in cyberspace.

And one more reason. Director, scriptwriter, producer, cameraman - they all can (and most likely, will) keep their privacy. Sorry for a cheap joke - but what privacy are we talking about for a girl (or a boy), who will share with an audience her/his private parts' up-close and personal? Fake name, nom de guerre, so to speak, seems to be not the very best protection, you know... And if the person involved had a dream one day to make a break-through into mainstream - she or he may certainly forget about it after the very first adult reel released on the internet. That's why, perhaps, there are almost no real well-trained actors, working for an adult industry.

But may be, a sophisticated script, a gifted cameraman and a great director can compensate for a lack of models' acting skills? Well... Director - any director - has no other tools to express him/herself - except the actors cast in his movie. Of course, there are other tools - camera, light, set - but actors are the first and foremost. Alpha and omega.
Some are looking for new and fresh faces from Eastern Europe - or in the former Soviet Union. OK. But again - there are certain limitations on the language. Availability is also sometimes totally unpredictable (and makes things very complicated and tricky indeed).

Luckily enough for the industry, there are still a lot of people around who want to see the so-called "gonzo-porn" (which is nothing more than hardcore sex with no sense, no story - and no matter how bad are the lights, set, director, camera, and so on). Yes, this is still the biggest slice of the adult consumer market. But - given that market is overflown, DVDs declining, piracy on its rise, competition really tough - why not to pursue something radically new? Why not to fight for the new segment on the market?

How do I see such a segment? Well... I look at the mirror. Young professional European woman. Pretending to be smart. More or less well-educated. With a good job. Not exactly lonely - but single. Lazy enough not to look for sexual adventures in real life (at least, not every night, thank you very much!)

And I have a confession to make: yes, I do read books. Sometimes - even romantic novels for women (DO NOT TELL ANYONE, PLEASE!) And - what would such a person prefer to watch within an adult segment of the market? OK. What if TWO versions of the very same script get released: one - R-rated, more soft and mainstreamy, and another - XXX-rated? Same set, same actors (in such case it's a producer who suppose to take care of the actors' promotion for a possible future break-through - by the way, it is that break-through already!); same creative crew, and the very same marketing team. But - TWO segments of the market get covered at once.

Yes, it takes efforts and the budget cannot be small. Yes, director must be very good. Yes, script has to be a real break-through bomb. But the result will worth the effort (at least, for me!!! And - for women and men like me!).

Besides - I doubt the producers in adult industry en-mass realize how much money they are leaving on the table - when they do not use all of the six or seven revenue streams of adults. When shooting just a cheap, crappy gonzo and bumper-to-bumper porn, they inevitably limit themselves to selling on their sites (open target and prey for pirates!); clips stores and DVDs.

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Today is a very special day for our team: we are starting our blog. Finally. At least. So...

I welcome everybody here - to read, post comments. To think, smile and have fun!

All the best!


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About camel's saddle and private photo-sessions

Written by:Irene
Published on October 9th, 2014 @ 05:46:00 am , using 398 words
About camel's saddle and private photo-sessions

Just recalled one episode... well. From a career of a model.

Once upon a time a guy requested a private photo-session. Well, he was soooo upset with a model he choose that instead of a budget of 1,500 Euro asked by an agency, he offered 15 grands - from start. Never mind he never had a camera in his hands before - he was ready to pay for a photographer too! And he did! And it was lovely... sooooo lovely... With a camel saddle as a background (model had to take her poses on that saddle, and masturbate on it intensively!)

Ah, I forgot to mention: of course, the guy was an Arab, and - yes, he did fuck her too - afterward, as a perk - for an additional couple of hundreds. Photographer guarded the door and was very jealous - for he wanted to be fucked by that Arab too - and very badly! No luck - The Arab was a heterosexual.... That model wasn't FORCED to do anything she didn't want to - first, money were good, and second - very exciting experience she got indeed.

Besides... just theoretically... what so bad in such an extreme experience - if that model (I WILL NOT GIVE-UP HER NAME - NO MATTER WHAT!!!) REALLY did enjoy that herself, and that was exactly what she wanted, and she was very well paid for it, and nobody forced her to do it? The only one who suffered - was a photographer - but who cares about that one poor fag?

If the model is happy (because of an extreme, unusual character of an experience being fucked really hard by a suave Arab, lying face-down across that saddle, still smelling all those sands, and camel's sweat - and well-paid for such a pleasure and privilege) - who cares? It's her free will... With regards to the fag-the-pimp. Of course, he WAS NOT a pimp - the agency was. He was just a poor victim of the situation - when HE wanted to be fucked too - and was not... That's the comedy of life in its sincerity and fullness...

Bottom line: there is no other business like the show-business

I am just wondering - what happened to that particular session... there were stills for sure - and a clip... clip was shot by a fixed camera (because a photographer was biting his nails on the other side of the door)... Perhaps, still - it is a pearl of someone's private collection - don't you think?

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